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We're a full-service nail salon serving our clients with professional licensed-nail technicians. We specialize in manicures, pedicures, pink + white and color acrylic, and nail enhancements.

We serve complimentary refreshments with every service offering tea, water, soda & wine


Basic pedicure (25-30 min)________$28

Deluxe pedicure (45-55 min) ______$38

Signature pedicure (45-55 min) ___$45

Mini Pedicure (under 12)__________$20


Basic manicure_________________ $15

Deluxe manicure _______________ $20

​Gel manicure ___________________$30

Mini manicure (under 12) ________$12

Acrylic Nails
*prices listed are for full set/fill

Regular (w. regular polish) _______$30/20
French (w. regular polish) ________ $35/25

Pink & White____________________ $40/30

Gel (w. gel polish)_______________  $40/30

Color Powder (whole nail)________ $40/35

Color Powder (tip)_______________ $45/35

Natural Nails_______________________$35

Dipping Powder on Tip______________$40


French Tips____________________$5

Nail Art________________________$5+

Gel Coat Finish_________________$5

Nail Repair_____________________$5

Gel Removal___________________$5

Polish Change_________________$10

Acrylic Removal_______________$10

Gel Polish Change_____________$20+

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